One-stop Trading Solution

  • mF4 Trading Platform

    A sophisticated trading system is designed for forex/bullion trading which supports mobile operation system as well

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  • "Broker+" Solution

    Scales up brokers’ business by providing them with flexibility to act like as a liquidity provider

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  • Liquidity Solutions

    Accessment of risk and demand with
    various types of management modes,
    helping improve business stability and risk-control

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  • Automated Trading Solutions

    Over 1 million professional algorithmic trading strategies provided, helping you enjoy “24-hour care-free trading” without any programming skills

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  • CRM System

    Assist brokers to manage all the IBs and clients efficiently, resulting in reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing customer retention

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  • MT White Label Solutions

    One-stop MT White Label solutions to help brokers start their own businesses promptly at affordable prices

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  • MT4/MT5 Bridge

    Connects the MT4/MT5 Server with Liquidity Providers (LPs) to manage risk by providing hedging capability

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  • Social Trading Apps

    Reliable and comprehensive mobile trading applications and financial information applications

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m-FINANCE understands the importance of safety and flexibility of trading system to brokers,
so we have put numerous resources to research on safety solutions to maintain system security
and set flexible solution to create 'Care-Free Trading' experience for brokers.
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